This is what happens when my parents did the nasty

Well hello Reader, My friends Angel and Josh are epicly crying due to a lost match in a video game and manly love making,
My name is Taylor I write to well write i dont really think my thoughts need to be put on the internet but Here i am typing,
ranting, crying, and smily (creepy, in your closet dont turn around) ITS A TRAP! XD Nah just keddin’. But I’m a pink/red hair
lady of the night who enjoys skipping down a empty pitch black road humming to myself or you can find me sitting in my batcave
skyping friend. I’m drinking non existant water out of my Ninja turtle…….. yes i am random and i hope you can deal with it. Just
to let you all know i have mild depression so i get depressed in really weird times of the night!:( but i get better!! HUGS

Hope you enjoy the random shit i do and say LOVES YOU


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