Linkin Park Transformers Contest

Thats right peeps I’m entering myself into LP’s Contest! right now im only about 2/8s done! I have 3 days to go! (that is my self limit) I am painting the star symbol right now! I started at 9:30 pm the other day right after being at work all day and had to force myself to stop and go to bed for work the net day at 4am! XD I do this all the time! I will no lie sit in on spot for a whole day if im drawing or something artistic if it wasnt for my body functions. I swear if i didnt have to pee i would be fine! XD I forget to eat all the time so that ive learned to ignore! No worries forced myself to eat to will i was painting!

So turns out Bf was a CrAzY man! and i dont mean Mad hatter crazy i mean like needs rehab crazy! GR freaking out all cause i was at two parties!! XD Men! this is way i dont date! To much effort its like baby sitting a little kid! I hate babysitting unless its my family or friends kids! I mean dont get me wrong i LOVE kids but when your 22 years old i would think its time to grow the HELL UP! GR I’m going to be 20 on the 17th of june and let me tell you im FAR from being completely grown up but i know when im to be a adult! Oh well! I guess ill just wait for the “one” when he comes stumbling into a book and runs into something cause hes nose is in a book! XD

But i have to go work again! ill probably lay here and watch a Naruto Shippuuden movie AGAIN!

Peace Hugs and MUCH LOVES ❤



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A green eyed daydreamer who is literally stuck in dream world. I'd much rather be asleep dreaming of what could be and one day will be. I've been through and seen alot in the short time I've been alive but I try my best to use my knowledge to better my life! View all posts by sleepwalkingdreams

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