Fear & Loathing baby ;)

It is so nice to hang out with guys who don’t talk about my boobs all the time, to be able to flirt and not be afraid of them becoming obsessed with you!! Way more kick to cuddle and act like a real girl! Instead of being on my guard at all times.

Not a worry or care in the world. To be dumb just so i can say i did so when i’m older instead of regretting it. To smoke up your day laughing with friends, listening to punk music while driving around, then watching some old horror movie, MegaMind, and Fear and loathing in LasVegas!!! Such a kick ass way to spend a tornado warned thundering rainy ass day!

❤ God i will remember today for a VERY LONG TIME ❤

Got to cuddle with a cutie and drawn on too!

I got a tattoo on 4/19/2011 round 7pm At Ink Inc! It is Kakashi Hatake’s Sharingan! (from Naruto) and yes there is a difference between Itachi’s, Sasuke’s, and Tobi’s!! Look it up bitch! I’ll even put a link down…………
———————————> http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Sharingan <————————————
So before you go  and say i have no idea what I’m talking about read that link!! HAHA i’m a bitch who usually knows her shit!

Well now i think i’m going to draw, pass out, and fantasy
 about Kakashi (yes i’m a fangirl DEAL)

Taylor Rae<3

also this drawing over to the right here i did all by hand! it says
in japanese thank you for viewing my page its for my deviantart website! i got 3000 views up a 1000 in a month!! SO happy

check it out


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A green eyed daydreamer who is literally stuck in dream world. I'd much rather be asleep dreaming of what could be and one day will be. I've been through and seen alot in the short time I've been alive but I try my best to use my knowledge to better my life! View all posts by sleepwalkingdreams

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