Boobies ( * )( * )

What’s not to love!
More recently i’ve been getting “picked” on and yelled at for allowing my cleavage to show and i’m talking about on my artwebsite and in real life! i mean i am nothing compared to the pictures on i have on in real life but i still show off what i got! I’m sorry call me a slut or whatever bit all my life i was picked on for being “Flat Chested” and now i have Cs close to Ds and im not hiding em! I LOVE MY BOOBS! They are my favorite part of my body besides my lips and butt!

Watch this Laci will let you know exactly how i feel

 ( )

Like She says when you have bug “shoulders” your all of a sudden TOO SEXY! there is a difference from Letting you thong show sexy and letting your cleavage show sexy! I’m sorry but thongs hanging out are NOT SEXY! unless your a striper! (FYI i dont like stripping! But Laci is helping me be more ok with that kinda stuff)
It makes me so mad when i have a low cut top and i get dirty looks or comments to not wear it! Its been HOT OUT! of really tiny girls can be almost naked then im sure as hell allowing my  boobs to breathe! I mean i am not going to be gross or immature about it! I’m sorry but i know how to design my outfits around them to make all of me look nice! If you dont like it then OH WELL! DONT LOOK!
I love my BOOBS ( * )( * ) hopefully one day my boy/girlfriend will love them too and most if not all my friends (girls and boys) love my boobs just as much as me! Why hide em right?!

Sorry im doing ranting! But come on they are just BOOBS ( * )( * )
Well i’m out! Just got home from a wonderful party! Met some new wonderful friends! ❤ Time for bed well in a hour or so! XD



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