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Fear & Loathing baby ;)

It is so nice to hang out with guys who don’t talk about my boobs all the time, to be able to flirt and not be afraid of them becoming obsessed with you!! Way more kick to cuddle and act like a real girl! Instead of being on my guard at all times.

Not a worry or care in the world. To be dumb just so i can say i did so when i’m older instead of regretting it. To smoke up your day laughing with friends, listening to punk music while driving around, then watching some old horror movie, MegaMind, and Fear and loathing in LasVegas!!! Such a kick ass way to spend a tornado warned thundering rainy ass day!

❤ God i will remember today for a VERY LONG TIME ❤

Got to cuddle with a cutie and drawn on too!

I got a tattoo on 4/19/2011 round 7pm At Ink Inc! It is Kakashi Hatake’s Sharingan! (from Naruto) and yes there is a difference between Itachi’s, Sasuke’s, and Tobi’s!! Look it up bitch! I’ll even put a link down…………
———————————> <————————————
So before you go  and say i have no idea what I’m talking about read that link!! HAHA i’m a bitch who usually knows her shit!

Well now i think i’m going to draw, pass out, and fantasy
 about Kakashi (yes i’m a fangirl DEAL)

Taylor Rae<3

also this drawing over to the right here i did all by hand! it says
in japanese thank you for viewing my page its for my deviantart website! i got 3000 views up a 1000 in a month!! SO happy

check it out


Boobies ( * )( * )

What’s not to love!
More recently i’ve been getting “picked” on and yelled at for allowing my cleavage to show and i’m talking about on my artwebsite and in real life! i mean i am nothing compared to the pictures on i have on in real life but i still show off what i got! I’m sorry call me a slut or whatever bit all my life i was picked on for being “Flat Chested” and now i have Cs close to Ds and im not hiding em! I LOVE MY BOOBS! They are my favorite part of my body besides my lips and butt!

Watch this Laci will let you know exactly how i feel

 ( )

Like She says when you have bug “shoulders” your all of a sudden TOO SEXY! there is a difference from Letting you thong show sexy and letting your cleavage show sexy! I’m sorry but thongs hanging out are NOT SEXY! unless your a striper! (FYI i dont like stripping! But Laci is helping me be more ok with that kinda stuff)
It makes me so mad when i have a low cut top and i get dirty looks or comments to not wear it! Its been HOT OUT! of really tiny girls can be almost naked then im sure as hell allowing my  boobs to breathe! I mean i am not going to be gross or immature about it! I’m sorry but i know how to design my outfits around them to make all of me look nice! If you dont like it then OH WELL! DONT LOOK!
I love my BOOBS ( * )( * ) hopefully one day my boy/girlfriend will love them too and most if not all my friends (girls and boys) love my boobs just as much as me! Why hide em right?!

Sorry im doing ranting! But come on they are just BOOBS ( * )( * )
Well i’m out! Just got home from a wonderful party! Met some new wonderful friends! ❤ Time for bed well in a hour or so! XD


“Mount and dew me”

I guess its not ok to be alright with your body and bring to life what you imagine!!!! huh? makes lots of sense i thought thats what art is for to bring to life what goes through your mind. I HAVE NEVER made porn pictures EVER and i NEVER will! but to some ppl my pictures are to much for them to handle. Which is fun i have no pictures of my body parts no nipples, vag areas or such like that! its amusing is all
You know i dont understand why people go out of there way to be as*holes about others artwork. Not ALL OF US ARE NORMAL! not all of us think and act like you do, not all of us like seeing normal everyday artwork! ITS BORING! We want to see change originality! Sorry i f i dont spell something words right! lol i gots a SPelling disorder XD
so if you do have a problem with nude pictures DONT LOOK AT THEM they all have warnings on them! and if its cause your a woman who doesnt like seeing other woman naked or just being sexy then DONT LOOK OR COMMENT!!! Or if its because youre agaisnt that kind of stuff then DONT LOOK ETHER! I am completely agaisnt dirty porn pictures but i do like nudes! but they have to be artistic! and no a dirty poise with a filter on it IS NOT ARTWORK!
Just thought id get that off my chest (XD i said chest)<—————haha joke see f u n n y.
Also some of us enjoy life and enjoy laughing weather that would be not very mature thing to laugh at or not OH WELL at least were not stuck up as*holes who hate their lives and take it out on everyone else!!! GR XD
I know perverted name for this entry.
I just wanted to write stating i DONT wear wigs! the colors of my hair are usually real or i have a filter on the WHOLE piece!
and also any of the pictures i do for anime or cosplay i KNOW its just a anime! BIG DEAL! cant a girl have fun! I’m not a slut but im also not a prude! I’m ok with my “girls” maybe not my whole body which is why i dont have the whole thing on here!! XD I’m picky about my body! but what girl isn’t. But if your one of those people who arent happy with their bodies and go around and make other people feel bad too then LEAVE MY PAGE NOW! i dont want someone who is that hateful toward others on my page! im a “hippie” type of girl! Yes i bitch and rant BIG DEAL! i have things to talk about! and im not afraid to say them ether! Im sorry but to be a artist you have to have some balls. Weather they are real or just metal ones on your lip/nose ring! thats the whole point of art. Pushing bountaries! Being out side of box! Showing people the OTHER side! it might be scary creep weird goofy or just plain F*cked up but oh well at least we have enough courage to show those ideas to the world!
But till i have something else to rant about

This is about two pieces of art work i made and put on Devaintart! Ill put a link down belllllooooowwwww so you can go see them!



Been Through So Much :)

I’ve been watching Naruto ALOT. I’ve had Naruto meets his father on repeat for the past hour! Naruto is the only character i’ve ever found who has the same life, feelings, and admirations as i do! His parents remind me of my Aunt and uncle! My real parents as i call them. I use to be picked on so much when i was younger because i was the only one in elementary who didnt have a mother. I use to be told i was worthless because even my own mom didnt want me! and i know im not much to talk about my past (well childhood) but i feel i need to! Ive keep this in for far to long and not many ppl if any really know! All of my childhood i couldnt even stand to watch a family commercial! I didnt enjoy the holidays not even christmas because i knew i didnt get to hug my mom or even be put to bed on christmas eve! Sure my father was there but to me he didnt exist. He’s always been in the shadows all my life and i wish i could really say otherwise but that would be lying! I am 19 years old and i feel like im 30. I’ve seen more then most 19 year olds. Sure lots of kids say that but come say hi to me one day you’ll see it right away. I smile through mostly everything except lately. I havent the energy to even try to smile. Sometimes depression gets the worst of me and i REALLY try to get out of it but it feels more like crawling! I’m so use to bad things happening to me that i cant even try to keep ahold of anything good anymore. I use to smile no matter what! My spirit was bright but now that im older and has been clouded to say. Im trying to clear it all up. Slowing i am getting there. Sure most people think they need to have someone else help them through it but life leasons are something you have to figure out by yourself. I know this far to well. I’ve never really had anyone up until i was 11 years old to help me. I was 3 when my mother dead (well to me anyway) i had to listen to countless people talk on and on about how sad my life was and how i must feel ALL THE TIME! They thought they were helping and all they were really doing was reminding me! Reminding me how alone i was. Many people wanted me to open up and i never did till about 16 and i do wish i didnt let all my walls down. I met a man. but that didnt last long as to why i wish i never left all my walls down! But as i like to say you live to learn! Ive got a professional Photography job and im also training as manager. So the next chapter in my life is going to begin. and who knows maybe ill met the one i’m to be with. I hope so that way i can have a family and know that i can be happy. Sure most teens my age want fame and money not me ive always wanted a family! Thats really my hearts desire! Well I’m going to go and shower. HUGS ❤ ❤ Taylor

!Take ME awaY!

I know i go on and on about TMNT but I think i really know why i love them so much.
They and i have so much in common! No one really understands us nor really wants to try!
We are all outcasts, freaks, worthless to this world except our friends/family. If only they
were real! I’d finally have someone who REALLY understands why i cry at night. BTW I am
NEVER this open with anyone but im sick of ppl misreading me and my words! They know
It truly means to love, be lone, afraid, worthless just like i do! I just watched this and it is the best AMV
i have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!! Much love to that person!! that is video editing talents right
Today as you know was april fools day! well i almost forgot!! XD I only remembered due to this creepy smily thing on XD you can see him in the picture above! god i love deviant! they really know how to keep you on your toes

well i must go my last week at O.D. thank god. Goodbye cashier dead end job!!! hello money and world