The R E A L me part.1

I know alot of you dont know anything or very much about my past!
Well here it goes i will tell you anything and everything about me!

I was born June 17. I am currently in my early adulthood. I have natural green eyes and dark brown hair. I am 5 foot 4 and a half! I have a scar on my left check of my face from a step father which happened at the age of 8 or 9, a scar on my right calf from a metal frame of a bed that cut half my caff off which happened at the age of 7, and other scars on my right arm from cutting (depression) myself. I wear glasses because i am near and far sighted!
I have always been into art. The latest i can remember is my Mom got my some clay when i was about 4 years old. And i use to sing about everything when i was around the same age till about 9 years old!

I lived with my dad and mom till about 4 years old in bellefonte, then with my aunt for a few short years in centre hall, i lived with my nana when i was 6 till 7 in flordia then my step mother till i was 11 i think in boalsburg! Then with my dad and his old girlfriend till i was 13 in boalsburg! then moved to millheim at 12. Lived with my friend megan prisk that summer. Then i lived with my dad and his old girlfriend for my 13th year of living. Then i moved june 17th my 14th birthday to my aunts i lived there will i was 18. Then moved to my fathers house in millheim with my brother and him!

vie lived in the bellefonte school district (preschool till 3d grade), boalsburg school district (4 – 5th grade), state college school district (6-8th grade), and penns valley school district (9th till 12th grade)!

i had a pcyholoist from age 5 or 6 till i was 13. It started after my mom disappeared, i was to young to handle the truth then. I literally thought my mother was dead and thats what i told ppl. Because when i was younger i could not remember anything! I blocked it all out without even relizing it! I couldn’t read a normal sentence till i was 10 years old! I had a REALLY bad reading and spelling disorder! I can now read just about anything english but my spell isn’t great yet but im still working on it!

I use to be daddies little girl because i never really had my mom there! Now i am my aunt and uncles kid! My aunt always jokes about how much im like my uncle! NO PREVERTS my aunt and uncle did not have me! My mom sherry and my dad James did!!!!

When i was 13 everything came back to me! I didn’t have a relationship with my father anymore! (from 14 till 18 i did not EVER speak to my father)


About sleepwalkingdreams

A green eyed daydreamer who is literally stuck in dream world. I'd much rather be asleep dreaming of what could be and one day will be. I've been through and seen alot in the short time I've been alive but I try my best to use my knowledge to better my life! View all posts by sleepwalkingdreams

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