2~Naked 2~Type

Sitting here, naked, thinking of what I’m going to do. No I don’t mean tomorrow or for the weekend, I mean for my life. I’m debating on going into the AirForce, then A.I. for Graphic Design, Kung Fu training (eat and breathe it), then Peace Cor. I need out of Pennsylvania if I’m going to change the world like I know I’m ment to do. I’m going to called the local A.F. office and find out what I need to do to get ready! I know I’ll get my ass kicked a few times and probably get in even worse trouble but if that’s what it takes to get my ass moving then I’m doin’ it! I’m sure my heros (Ninja Turtles) got their asses handed to them a few times but now they are ninja masters!!! <3<3 I hope to become a ninja master as well. Sure many of you will laugh reading this but it’s been my dream to study in the way of Bushido and way of the warrior! I will become one with my soul/spirit and my enviroment! XD Sounds very cheesy but I will do it.

I have bleached my hair because I am dying it a BRIGHT RED. My boss at work is probably going to be very pissed but I don’t care. I’m just the cashier at a dead end job or I’m going to do what I do best ~*REBEL*~

My dog is upstairs itching myself and he’s making a CrAzY noise. I hope he’s just itching XD.

So I think I’m going to go and TRY to get to bed. (HAHA right me sleep) Gonna watch TMNT FoReVeR. awwww fallin’ asleep to  Raphael talking and being a ass is just the greatest thing ever.

Peace Yo,
Taylor ;P


About sleepwalkingdreams

A green eyed daydreamer who is literally stuck in dream world. I'd much rather be asleep dreaming of what could be and one day will be. I've been through and seen alot in the short time I've been alive but I try my best to use my knowledge to better my life! View all posts by sleepwalkingdreams

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