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The R E A L me part.1

I know alot of you dont know anything or very much about my past!
Well here it goes i will tell you anything and everything about me!

I was born June 17. I am currently in my early adulthood. I have natural green eyes and dark brown hair. I am 5 foot 4 and a half! I have a scar on my left check of my face from a step father which happened at the age of 8 or 9, a scar on my right calf from a metal frame of a bed that cut half my caff off which happened at the age of 7, and other scars on my right arm from cutting (depression) myself. I wear glasses because i am near and far sighted!
I have always been into art. The latest i can remember is my Mom got my some clay when i was about 4 years old. And i use to sing about everything when i was around the same age till about 9 years old!

I lived with my dad and mom till about 4 years old in bellefonte, then with my aunt for a few short years in centre hall, i lived with my nana when i was 6 till 7 in flordia then my step mother till i was 11 i think in boalsburg! Then with my dad and his old girlfriend till i was 13 in boalsburg! then moved to millheim at 12. Lived with my friend megan prisk that summer. Then i lived with my dad and his old girlfriend for my 13th year of living. Then i moved june 17th my 14th birthday to my aunts i lived there will i was 18. Then moved to my fathers house in millheim with my brother and him!

vie lived in the bellefonte school district (preschool till 3d grade), boalsburg school district (4 – 5th grade), state college school district (6-8th grade), and penns valley school district (9th till 12th grade)!

i had a pcyholoist from age 5 or 6 till i was 13. It started after my mom disappeared, i was to young to handle the truth then. I literally thought my mother was dead and thats what i told ppl. Because when i was younger i could not remember anything! I blocked it all out without even relizing it! I couldn’t read a normal sentence till i was 10 years old! I had a REALLY bad reading and spelling disorder! I can now read just about anything english but my spell isn’t great yet but im still working on it!

I use to be daddies little girl because i never really had my mom there! Now i am my aunt and uncles kid! My aunt always jokes about how much im like my uncle! NO PREVERTS my aunt and uncle did not have me! My mom sherry and my dad James did!!!!

When i was 13 everything came back to me! I didn’t have a relationship with my father anymore! (from 14 till 18 i did not EVER speak to my father)


I’m Twisting Up When I’m Twisted With You

I’ve been at my cousin’s house here at 7mountains camp ground! I’ve been watching the camp ground for them! They have two beautiful kitties named Charle and Penny. and they have a gekco!!!
I wish i had my own place here! Its so quiet and no ones here!!! No hearing every footstep someone makes or hearing a fucking tv all day and night! BTW i DONT watch TV. I hate it!! its stupid all the same shit just different actors!! GR I do like criminal minds, house, chowder, and damn cant think of anymore!!!
i love the way Tool makes the atmosphere feel! brings back old memories that i shared with my ex best friend Josh! I miss him a great deal but he has a girlfriend now so of course friendship with another girl is not a option! Stupid i know but that is society now!
I keep sitting here thinking of my new job as a pro photographer! and how much money ill be making but i still dont have someone special to share it with! but i guess that will come in time!
someone i work with said that the one guy i was with a week or so ago wants me as more then a f-friend and im sorry but i dont see that! hes a player and not worth my time, body or love! Had that before not dealing with that again!
One thing i will try my hards on in my life will be meeting Linkin Park!!! Megan and i will meet them if its the last thing i do! I am determined too!! They got me through so much in my life!
Well i gots to go,



i feel so alone right now. I hate it. I just want to cry my heart out. I wish i had what most people have. A. Normal. Life. or something close to it!
I wish they were real. The only thing that I’ve ever felt truly close to! I know it’s silly! But i’ve never had a mom and never really had a dad. I’ve been past around to every family but never really been taking care of by the ones i’m to be taken care of! I’ve always had to fight for what i wanted ALWAYS! Love, money, life, happiness! I just one thing to want to fight for me! and maybe thats why i fell for Raphael. Because he always fights for his family! Why cant i find someone like that. I’m not searching for it but i do dream about it every night. To be held by someone who truly cares for you! Someone to protect me for once. Instead of having to protect myself all the time. I’ve almost given up all hope when i was 14. I didnt want to wake up anymore. It’s still fresh in my mind the feeling i had that day. As i was bleeding out i felt freedom like I could breath for once! Not having to make sure i was doing this for someone or watching what i was doing at all times! I should have dead that day but strangely i stopped bleeding. Cut was so deep, long and followed the vain prefectly there was no reason for me to have lived. But here i am. So there most be something improtant i’m here to do.
I love the TMNTs because they know my pain and i know theirs! I stick myself in their world to keep the pain away. But sometimes like now its creeps up and drags me under! I fight my hardest to keep smiling, laughing or just not letting it take a hold but it still does!

I’m going to bed to help this to go away,
XoXo Taylor

With all my heart<3

I may be crazy and all but atleast my heart is pure and i’m here to love everyone in my life worth loving!
So go ahead call me names, make fun of me but just remember you will NEVER have someone care or protect you like i will or would!
I love you my Friends and Family.
It amazes me how much pain is caused by others making fun of others for being who they are. I was and still am a Freak! People make fun of me at work, when i’m out shopping, even at home! But one thing i know i have to stand by is the purity of my <3!
I will do what ever it stands to make this world see what is happening to it! Day by day love and caring for others dies!! I just CANT let that happen at all!! I am a empath! I can feel what each and everyone of you feels when i look into your eyes! I know when you hurt, are happy, sad, or just lost! But more and more ive been seeing empty eyes! It scares me! I never thought i could meet a soulless human but i have countless times in my life! It makes me SO ANGRY!! People think im going insane when i go on rants and such when really no one wants to listen to me so i MAKE them listen! I’ve been alone most of my life! Hell when i was a kid the most connection i had was with the Ninja turtles till i met Megan Prisk! and my world changed She’s been through just as much as i have. She sees the world just as i do. She may not be a empath but she can feel what i see due to our connection!!

Our mission in life is to change this world because it wont change on its own just as Gandhi said “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”  And thats what were set out to be!!

Those of you that dont want us to change this world then fear us because Nether of us will NEVER STOP to get to our goal!

Love you world <3,

~~**~~**Japan quake and tsunami**~~**~~

My heart goes out to the victims of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. It’s the largest earthquake recorded in Japan. I dreamt about this happening jus the same morning. I am part Japanese and it felt like a part of me was there with them in this time of need.

**~~**~~PLEASE If you would like to help the victims of this natural disaster text ‘MFR’ to 85944 to make a $10 donation.~~**~~**

every little bit counts! Thank you and with love,

Stop&go ’till U can’t go anymore

Yo world GUESS WHAT?!?!
i has PINK hair now! YAY!

I’m on skype now. If you want to chat just message me on there taylorreish. & NO SEXY TALK OR ANYTHING OF THAT NATURE!!! I don’t have sex in person so i’m not going to on the interwebs ether! (PERVERTS) XD

So today my day consisted of going up to the belltower and ringing the bells (from Why you shouldnt play with photobooth from YouTube —-> here’s the link ) Its really funny so PLEASE DO PEE BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS! Anyway if you didn’t get that I was kidding then you are stupid (no offence)! So I made a Funny Tmnt Picture (you can see it to your right) because i was watching The Next Mutation (1997-98) YOUTUBE IT! cause i’m sick of pasting links XD. Then I went and hung out with my little cousins, their mom Stacey and my Aunt Robin. Willis turned 1 yesterday! He’s so funny! Just learned how to walk so he holds on to our fat dog Nemo. (you can see him above)

You know what’s really annoying is when my mom doesn’t like something on my Facebook and she says something along the lines of making herself sound like a asshole! All my friends don’t like her. Then you’ve got my dad who’s all like ok Pink hair cool! XD it’s so funny how different they are!


Sorry was singing to the trogg’s song wildthing! Then Manson came on! I ❤ his creepy ass! Speaking of creepy my friend stopped talking to me on Skype for some reason. Oh well. THANK GOD that this one dude on my skype isnt talking to me! Youre so pretty i like this this this that and this about you! it’s like DUDE! S H U T T H E F * * * U P!!! GR. He drives me up the wall dont get me wrong he’s a really nice dude an all but i can only take so much ya know? i’ve noticed alot that I have more balls then most guys and im talking figuratively! they just mostly gross me out! I like guys and all but i don’t want to really date them anymore! I want someone like Raphael. Strong, passionate, loner, independent, caring, rough around the edges, and has beautiful golden eyes! (NOT LIKE EDWARD CULLENS……..edweirds a pussy anyway!) But that’s going to be a 1 in a million pick! Gr! But i can’t wait to find him! ❤ ❤

So i’m going to surf the net some more and get caught up on my YouTube shows.

Taylor ;P

2~Naked 2~Type

Sitting here, naked, thinking of what I’m going to do. No I don’t mean tomorrow or for the weekend, I mean for my life. I’m debating on going into the AirForce, then A.I. for Graphic Design, Kung Fu training (eat and breathe it), then Peace Cor. I need out of Pennsylvania if I’m going to change the world like I know I’m ment to do. I’m going to called the local A.F. office and find out what I need to do to get ready! I know I’ll get my ass kicked a few times and probably get in even worse trouble but if that’s what it takes to get my ass moving then I’m doin’ it! I’m sure my heros (Ninja Turtles) got their asses handed to them a few times but now they are ninja masters!!! <3<3 I hope to become a ninja master as well. Sure many of you will laugh reading this but it’s been my dream to study in the way of Bushido and way of the warrior! I will become one with my soul/spirit and my enviroment! XD Sounds very cheesy but I will do it.

I have bleached my hair because I am dying it a BRIGHT RED. My boss at work is probably going to be very pissed but I don’t care. I’m just the cashier at a dead end job or I’m going to do what I do best ~*REBEL*~

My dog is upstairs itching myself and he’s making a CrAzY noise. I hope he’s just itching XD.

So I think I’m going to go and TRY to get to bed. (HAHA right me sleep) Gonna watch TMNT FoReVeR. awwww fallin’ asleep to  Raphael talking and being a ass is just the greatest thing ever.

Peace Yo,
Taylor ;P